Amanda Thomsson

How can I make the visual communication for a small shop in the Swedish archipelago great?

Andreas Sandberg

The short film IG-25 describes the future in the year of 2077 through the eyes of general inspector IG-25.

Anna Turdell

How can I design snowboard graphics exclusively for the buyers identity, rather than their gender which is stereotype today?

Ermir Peci

I want to explore the rootless limbo and the quest for an identity that has been affecting my life in a quarter-century.

Eva Klingstedt

Loving ink and paper: What do the traditional pressed media have that's never going to be able to experience through a display?

Filip Callas

I will design and produce a glass, including concept, visual identity, and packaging.

Filip Thoms

I'm making a sunglassbrand based on the RGB spectrum.

Heidi Myllyviita &
Pelle Höök

Exploring the possibilities of physical design and increasing the value of history, I wrapped up nine stories of loyalty.

Isak Ahlgren

I´m creating a club concept which merges the pre-party with the best features from the club venue.

Jakob Östensson & Jennie-Lie Östborg

Football souvenirs in a different way for Bajen fans.

Jennie Nilsson

Last summer I spent four weeks on a boat sailing. I present my experience as a cookbook, in paperback as well as a digital version

Julia Sletbakk

A study of bathroom graffiti, something that might be poetry and art in its rawest, yet best, form.

Louise Dustler

I am illustrating and writing a fun and educational children’s book about friendship, that both kids and parents can enjoy!

Marc Östlund

About 30 years ago, a piece of furniture was made to hold and show magazines. Now, it will get an identity.

Markus Enarsson

Through illustration and concept art communicate my vision of Stockholm 100 years from now.

Mika Nilsson

I am creating a guide on how to take care of the living, instead of always building new.

Nils Bohman Ström

I want to build my own house to question whether if I have to fit the city, or if the city can fit me.

Oskar Wimmerman

I am creating a new lip-balm brand.

Sara Golpagon

My project is about identity and digging into my past. What will become of it is a part of the process.

Tobias Lund

If i can do it myself, I'd rather not buy. This is a journey from my roots towards a more self sustainable life.

Tonje Halvorsen

How can I by using unconventional materials create a new fashion forward clothing brand?