How can we develop and create something valuable for new and old members of Riksteatern?


How can we, in a creative way, communicate the advantages of using Filtr and make it top of mind among playlist users?


How can we make people and companies understand benefits of geothermal heating and cooling in real estate?


How can we make young people in Stockholm more engaged in the housing issue?


How can we create a communication plan for a new product and launch it (B2B) on the Norwegian market in an interesting way?


How can we visualize companies true personalities, in order to attract their perfect match amongst young professionals?


How can we use digital storytelling to make Delaval the top of mind VMS manufacturer amongst dairy farmers?

En Svensk Klassiker

How can we strenghten the relationship to participants and partners, and thus enhance the brand of En Svensk Klassiker?


How can we get people to engage in saving the Arctic and help Greenpeace to stop oil drilling in the area?

Gävle Kommun

How can we make the citizens of Gävle proud ambassadors and make the city attractive for business and people?


How can we develop the bank services of Handelsbanken to meet with the demands of future small businesses?


How can we make SEQR the mobile payment solution of choice?


How can we give Interflora a new communication strategy with the aim raise awareness amongst costumers?


Create a compelling concept that stands out among the competition and attractS more high school students in Stockholm.


How can we communicate an improved image of auditing as a profession and make KPMG an attractive diversified workplace?


How can we create a brand identity for AxByte and reposition them on the market?

Billerud Korsnäs

How can we challenge conventional packaging and become a leader in smart packaging for a sustainable future?


How can we give teenagers a reason to choose Comviq for other values than the low prices?